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What to Look for When Hiring a Divorce Attorney in Delaware County, Ohio

The end of a marriage is an emotional time for everyone involved. During the process, someone must be able to maintain a clear head. That’s why hiring the right divorce attorney in Delaware County, Ohio is important. Use these tips and securing the right legal counsel will be easy.

Seek Recommendations from Friends Who Have Been There

A good place to begin the search for a divorce attorney is with friends and relatives who have been through the dissolution of a marriage. As they begin to offer suggestions, ask them specifics about how those attorneys handled their cases. The information provided will go a long way in determining if it is worth the time to call the attorney, or continue looking for another legal professional.

An Objective Third Party

Even if the client already knows a couple of divorce lawyers socially, it’s a good idea to step outside those relationships and hire someone who has no prior connection to the client or the soon to be ex-spouse. That attorney will be in a better position to be completely objective and not have any emotions that could impact the representation of the client.

Communication Between Counsel and Client

It is important to hire an attorney that the client can communicate with easily. Given that the client may not be thinking clearly, it is important for the attorney to ask questions and obtain information that brings clarity to the reasons for the divorce, and the grounds that should be used. At the same time, the attorney must be able to help the client understand why the case should be pursued in a certain way. Unless the line of communication is clear from both sides, the ability to achieve the most desirable out come is hampered.

The Direct Approach

The last thing that a client needs is legal counsel who is not up front about matters such as cost, how different laws will impact the divorce, and what the prospects are for a reasonable settlement. What the client does need is someone who can spell out what to expect in clear terms, and offer recommendations for the most practical way to end the marriage without a lot of delays. This direct approach makes it easier to plot a course of action and have a good idea of how things will turn out.

Remember that the right attorney may not be the first one that the prospective client consults. If something does not seem quite right, keep looking. With a little time and effort, it is possible to find a divorce attorney who puts the client at ease and makes the process a little easier to bear.

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