What to look for in a Divorce Attorney

Ways to Recognize a Good Divorce Attorney in Delaware Ohio

The breakup of a marriage triggers high levels of stress as couples address complex emotional issues, hurt feelings, and future fears. Finding the right divorce attorney in Delaware County, Ohio, can help manage that stress and negotiate a fair outcome. There are a few reliable indicators to help you identify the best attorney for your divorce.

What is the attorney’s reputation?

With half of all marriages ending in divorce, you probably have some divorced friends. What do they say about the attorneys who represented them?

Is the attorney available when needed?

If a crisis arises, how difficult will it be to reach your attorney? While it is common for office staff to field phone calls, it’s reasonable to expect a prompt return call when you have a problem.

Does the attorney ask the right questions and listen to the answers?

While marital finances are an important area to discuss, they shouldn’t be the only issue, especially if there are children involved.

Does the attorney appear well organized?

At your initial interview, the attorney should avoid interruptions and focus on your issues. Does the attorney take notes? Are other staff members, such as paralegals, present to assist? Does he let you know what documents and evidence you may need to provide?

Does the attorney support fairness?

While you want an attorney to advocate for your interests, excessive bickering over trivia delays the proceedings and increases costs. In the area of custody and visitation, a protracted battle can do irreparable harm to your children.

Does the attorney tell you what to expect?

Many issues, such as child support and visitation schedules, are determined according to established guidelines. These guidelines were developed to assure fairness and minimize protracted bickering over details. Knowing what to expect can help you avoid disappointment and unnecessary hard feelings.

Your attorney’s professional experience can help you deal with complex emotional issues in a businesslike manner. He can help negotiate a fair property settlement, and suggest optimal custody arrangements. Most of all, he can protect your interests and preserve your rights when you’re too stressed to deal with everything that’s happening in your life.